Research and Discovery Facilities

Work begins in our well-equipped Process Research and Development (PRD) labs to establish the best process for our customer’s needs.

Our knowledgeable staff of experienced scientists compliment state-of-the-art technologies available in our PRD Facility:

  • Efficient bench and fume-hood work areas
  • Expert GMP-enabled Analytical Development Scientists 
  • Comprehensive analytical tools to support synthesis, reaction tracking and product characterization 

Our equipment includes:

  • 400 MHz Bruker NMR
  • LC/GC
  • FTIR 
  • Process Safety via in-house ARSST Calorimetry
  • KF – LOD – DSC
  • UV/VIS
  • Polarimetry 
  • Photochemistry 
  • Hydrogenation
  • Lasentec FBRM
  • Mettler Toledo ReactIR
  • Ion Chromatography