Norac Pharma SOCMA Award for Continuous EHS&S Performance Improvement


Norac Pharma is pleased to announce that The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) has awarded Norac Pharma an award in recognition of the high standards of our process safety procedures and our safety communications, as part of the 2009 SOCMA ChemStewards® Performance Improvement Awards program.

It was a very competitive field for this year’s awards program. According to the SOCMA website, “This year SOCMA had the highest participation in submission for performance recognition since the ChemStewards® (CS) Program began in 2005. In addition, the attributes and achievements presented by this year’s applicants were extremely impressive.”

ChemStewards® is SOCMA’s flagship environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) continuous performance improvement program and was created from industry’s commitment to reducing the environmental footprint left by member’s facilities. Industry created ChemStewards® to meet the unique needs of the batch, custom and specialty chemical industry. As a mandatory requirement for SOCMA members engaged in the manufacturing or handling of synthetic and organic chemicals, ChemStewards® is helping participants reach for superior EHS&S performance.

Award Winners List for 2009